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Dear [brand / retailer], 

I am your customer, and I love your style. However, I am concerned about the working conditions in your global supply chain. There is a notable lack of transparency beyond the first tier of manufacturing where millions of people around the world are working to make the fabrics and raw materials used in the products I buy from you. This is cause for concern because research shows that human rights and environmental risks increase the further down the supply chain you look.
In support of Goal 1 of the Tamil Nadu Declaration and Framework of Action, research conducted by ‘Fashion Revolution’ has found that only 1 of 62 major brands and retailers publish a full list of the suppliers that produce the textiles used in their clothes.
I would like you to tell me who made my fabric. Please publish a list of all the textile production facilities in your supply chain. This is a vital first step to take accountability for the working conditions of the people who make your products. I will be following ‘Fashion Revolutions’’ research to see whether you follow up with this disclosure. 

Sincerely, [name]

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